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We’re a group of divorce and family law attorneys who have been hoping that a site would open that provides answers to questions Illinois families are asking.  We’ve been disappointed with what we’ve found so far, and will try to bring you information of value to you, in a form you can use.

We’ll be covering topics ranging from how to choose an attorney, to how high net worth individuals can protect themselves in divorce proceedings, to grandparent’s rights, to the impact of bankruptcy on divorce proceedings.  We’ll also keep you informed on trends in the law, what’s happening around the country, and, we’ll try to entertain. 

But, this isn’t just our blog.  We want and need to hear from you, our readers, about what topics you’d like to see covered, and how what you find here impacts your personal situation.

We know the strain divorce can cause.  We hope your visits to our blog help reduce some of that stress, and that you will get to see the human side of some very interesting people who happen to be lawyers.

We hope you’ll visit often.  And enjoy each visit.

Good reading!

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