Another Marriage Hits the Dust

By: Vita Semchuk

The ideal Hollywood couple, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have decided to seek a divorce after being married for 10 years, which is long by Hollywood standards. This Hollywood couple appeared to have a perfect long term marriage, during which they conceived three beautiful children, were both very successful. They seemed to have it all; happy marriage, healthy children, and great careers.  Unfortunately, even a decade of marriage did not save this power duo’s relationship from going up in flames.

Prior to calling quits and giving up on their marriage, the couple made great efforts to salvage their marriage and rekindle the romance.  The couple was in therapy for two years and attempted to cohabitate separately with the hope of rescuing their marriage but ultimately were not able to see eye to eye on all their issues.  As a result, the couple confirmed their divorce shortly after celebrating their 10th year anniversary.

The couple made a public announcement that while they are moving on with their lives, they are doing so with love and friendship towards each other.  In addition, the couple announced that they are looking forward to co-parenting their children.  This is definitely a different attitude and mindset than many display in divorce situations, which are usually fueled with anger, hate and attacks on one another.

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