Kardashian Drama: Round Two for Khloe’s Marriage

By: Vita Semchuk

After struggling with Lamar Odom throughout their marriage, Khloe finally collected the strength to file for a divorce.  However, just when it seemed their marriage was finally permanently over Khloe and Lamar shocked everyone when they both showed up in court to withdraw their divorce papers in 2015.

As America watched the couple’s marriage fall apart on the reality show Kardashians’, it was hard to believe that there was any hope to save Khloe’s and Lamar’s relationship.  Khloe never wanted to get divorced; it actually seemed as though she was using all her hopes, determination, support, and patience to try to save the marriage even as it was crumbling piece by piece before her eyes.  On the other hand, Lamar seemed to be very cold and distant during the breakdown of their marriage.  That’s when Khloe had enough and surrendered her battle to save the marriage and filed for divorce.

Now the couple has decided to give it a second chance.  Although Khloe has proven her loyalty to Lamar throughout his difficult time in life, Lamar has yet to prove his loyalty and appreciation.  Only time will tell whether their reconciliation was in their best interests.

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