Third Divorce: Does This Mean Three Strikes and She’s Out for Halle Barry?

By: Vita Semchuk

Actress Halle Berry has been married three times and now will be divorced three times.  Halle Berry was previously married to Eric Benet, David Justice, and now she is in the process of divorcing Oliver Martinez.  In October 2015, after only two years of marriage and with one child together the couple decided to call it quits.

According to People, the couple has decided to keep the divorce cordial and peaceful out of respect for each other and out of love and in the best interest for their son.  Despite the couples’ agreement to pursue an amicable divorce they both retained well respected, influential, top ranked Hollywood attorneys, Stephen Kolodny representing Halle Berry and Laura Wasser representing Oliver Martinez.

The couple is purportedly determined to limit litigation and drama. Maybe their great attorneys will be able to settle the case within a reasonable amount of time and with limited court appearances.  However, if their original plan of amicable divorce doesn’t happen, they both have strong pit-bulls to defend their rights and fight for their best interests who have no problem to put on an unforgettable divorce battle in the process.  As for Halle Barry, she might have stricken out on marriage, so maybe she has also called it quits on a marriage lifestyle.