Celebrity Chef Divorce Heating Up

The divorce proceedings between celebrity chef Bobby Flay and soon to be ex-wife, actress Stephanie March, have gotten as fiery as anything he has ever cooked up on his grill. The couple has resorted to airing dirty laundry and delivering cheap shots in public and in papers filed as part of the divorce proceedings. Most recently, Flay’s ceremony for receiving his star on the Hollywood “Walk of Fame” was marred by a plane flying overhead bearing a banner that read “cheater”. Ms. March is claiming infidelity on the part of Flay in their divorce proceeding. She also claimed that Flay made a gift to her of an expensive racehorse which won several races while Flay kept the winnings from the races all to himself.

Flay, on the other hand, is claiming that Ms. March refuses to abide by a pre-nuptial agreement she willingly signed over 10 years ago. Ms. March is claiming the terms of the pre-nuptial agreement are unfair and it was signed before Flay had amassed a considerable empire and large profits from his various cooking shows and cookbooks. At the rate this case is going it does not seem likely that it will cool down anytime soon.

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