Muddy Waters Estate to Be Re-Opened After Nearly 30 Years

In a nearly unprecedented decision, a DuPage County Judge ruled to re-open the long closed estate of Chicago Blues Legend Muddy Watters. Mr. Waters’ estate had been thought previously closed after his death almost 30 years ago. In recent months, the former executor of Mr. Waters’ estate, Scott Cameron, had in recent months been disputing the claims of Mr. Waters’ heirs as to of financial improprieties and mismanaged assets of Waters’ estate on the part of Cameron. Upon his death Waters had appointed Cameron as his executor of his will and tasked Cameron with managing the royalties to music rights and dispersing the revenue earned from those royalties to Waters’ widow and children. Waters’ heirs claimed Cameron had not been managing the music rights properly so as to achieve the most financial gain.
The legal dispute has taken a new turn as Mr. Cameron died and left his responsibilities for managing the royalties to the Cameron Organization. Lawyers for the Cameron Organization are arguing that any claims Waters’ heirs may have are barred by the statute of limitations as it has been 27 years since Waters estate has been closed. Waters’ heirs are seeking to have the estate re-opened to evaluate the assets; the Cameron Organization wants the estate to remain closed. Apparently Waters’ heirs have presented the Judge with enough new evidence to challenge the claim that the estate was closed. What this evidence is remains to be seen. This case is important as it may set new precedent in estate law as to statute of limitations and claims against estates previously thought closed.

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