Murder in Bali

The murder trial of the daughter and boyfriend in the case of the deceased Oak Park woman has begun in Bali.
The prosecution’s witnesses include hotel security, staff and police officers. The evidence on its face makes the defendant’s activities around the time of the alleged murder seem suspicious. It will be interesting to see how each defense plans its attack. There is no direct eyewitness account. There is video tape of one of the defendants going back and forth on a stairway several times, carrying various objects between the floor on which the defendants stayed and the floor on which the alleged victim stayed. There are encounters between various hotel staff and one or both of the defendants as the defendants were leaving the hotel-bill unpaid-around the time of the alleged murder.
The defendants are being tried separately. Will each defense strategy be similar? Will either defense strategy be to focus attention on the other defendant? Will either defendant turn (“flip”) and testify for the prosecution in the other’s case?
Stay tuned.

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