Cubs Win First Round of Rooftop Battle

Thursday U. S. District Judge Virginia Kendall ruled in favor of the Chicago Cubs, and against the Lakeview Baseball Club and Skybox on Sheffield, by denying the injunction sought by the rooftop businesses barring the Cubs from erecting large scale electronic video boards in their outfield.
Had the businesses prevailed on their injunction, Judge Kendall would have entered a temporary restraining order barring the Cubs and the Ricketts family from erecting these video boards in the outfield at Wrigley Field. Adding electronic video boards is one part of the major renovation project planned by the Cubs, and ultimately the Ricketts family, to rejuvenate Wrigley Field. The planned renovation of Wrigley Field has been a point of contention amongst the rooftop owners and the Cubs organization ever since the Ricketts family purchased the team.
If the Judge had ruled in favor of the rooftop business and granted the temporary restraining order it would have put a major wrench in the renovation plans. This lawsuit is only one of several filed against the Cubs organization and the Ricketts family. There are several others still pending.

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