I was reading an article on the internet concerning the sexual assault accusations against actor/comedian Bill Cosby. I have no idea whether or not each or any of the accusations is true. Apparently Mr. Cosby was sued civilly by the director of the women’s basketball program at Temple University and he settled that case. To my knowledge no criminal charges have ever been brought against him concerning the sexual assault allegations.

The point is nobody –especially a celebrity- should EVER put himself or herself in a position where accusations can be made. We live in a different world, a very litigious world. It is also a world were even if a case never goes to trial either civilly or criminally, those accused usually lose in the court of public opinion. Lives are ruined; reputations damaged beyond repair; the facts never completely come out.

It is wise to keep your boundaries. Never put yourself in a situation where you can be accused of some misconduct, irrespective of how well intentioned you may be.