Jenifer Lopez recently divorced her 3rd husband, Marc Anthony. JALO is only 43. She has two children with Marc. While according to Ms. Lopez she and Marc “amicably parent” the children, what are the consequences for those kids? They now have two different homes, separate parents, presumably different rules in each household. Moreover, they spent part of their time with one parent and part with the other. They probably are only together as family rarely.

What happens when both the JALO and Marc move on to new relationships, perhaps marry (again) and have new children? (Marc now has 5 children with 3 different women, including JALO) How can any of this be in the best interests of the kids? I know that I would not want to spend every other weekend in a different home. I know I would not want to be away from my friends and home part of the time. Even if the kids have friends where each parent lives, there only with them part of the time.

It might be prudent to take note, when you already have been divorced several times and are only 43, is it might not be wise to marry again and bring children into the world. Maybe you ‘re just not the marrying kind.