Sting’s Children Will Not Inherit His Estimatd $300 Million Worth

Musical artist Sting indicated his children will not inherit his estimated $300 million worth, as he does not intend to leave his three daughters and three sons a trust fund.  He told the Daily Mail, “I certainly don’t want to leave them trust funds that are albatrosses around their necks.  They have to work.  All my kids know that and they rarely ask me for anything, which I really respect and appreciate.”  Sting is quoted saying, “People make assumptions that they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, but they have not been given a lot.”  He told his children, “There won’t be much money left because we’re spending it!”

Untying the Knot

Bravo’s new television show Untying the Knot stars celebrity divorce lawyer Vikki Ziegler as she works with clients and helps them divide up their assets such as cars, jewelry, family pets, and even a wooden buddah.  In a promo clip, Ziegler will also appear on the Real Housewives of New Jersey giving Dina Manzo some legal advice on her marriage.

Each 30-minute episode focuses on a new couple seeking a divorce and follows them through their struggle divvying up their belongings. Ziegler states that it is her job to make sure that “no one is happy” such that everything is split fair and evenly.

The show airs every Wednesday night at 10/9c on Bravo.

Melanie Griffith Files for Divorce

Melanie Griffith, 56, recently filed for divorce from Antonia Banderas, 53, citing irreconcilable differences after 18 years of marriage. The couple have a 17 year-old daughter, Stella, whom Griffith seeks primary physical custody and visitation rights for Banderas. Griffith additionally seeks spousal support.

The couple released a joint statement, indicating their decision is amicable, “We have thoughtfully and consensually decided to finalize our almost twenty years marriage in a loving and friendly manner honoring and respecting each other, our family and friends and the beautiful time we have spent together.”

Over the years, Griffith and Banderas endured several hardships including Griffith’s second rehabilitation stay in 2000 for a painkiller addiction, her third rehabilitation stay in 2009 for a “routine plan” and her 2009 surgery to remove early stages of skin cancer from her face.

This marriage was the fourth for Griffith and the second for Banderas who met on the set of “To Much” in 1995. At the time they were both married to other people, but Griffith shortly filed for divorce from Don Johnson with whom she has a daughter, “Fifty Shades of Grey” actress Dakota Johnson. Banderas then split from Ana Leza, a Spanish actress, in 1996 after nine years of marriage. Soon after Giffith and Banderas married and Stella was born in 1996. Griffith also has another child, Alexander, from her previous marriage to Steven Bauer.